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Things that every person looking to run a service must consider

There are many decisions to be made when creating a service. You have a choice of development ecosystems (Java/Ruby/.NET/...), operating systems (Linux/Solaris/Windows Server/...), server options (physical hardware/virtual machines, dedicated/shared, private/public cloud/...), vendors (AWS/Azure/Rackspace/Linode/...), cloud computing philosophies (IAAS/PAAS/SAAS) etc. In this series of essays, I will try and stay away from all of these and work with principles that are common in all.

Regardless of the number of consumers of your service, there are a few commonalities when considering how to build a service. This is my attempt at listing the ones that stand out for me. Read the rest

Automating a deployment is one of the 1st few things that needs to be done. Here, I list the steps when deciding how to do so.

  1. Establishing context: Part 1
  2. Deployment scenarios: Part 2
  3. Deployment scripting approaches: Part 3

When it comes to upgrading your service, there are some best practices you can follow. This article enumerates some of them.

What if you decide not to create a service at all? Consider something different for a change.

Configuration system - How to provide different values to different environments.